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About RaceMaster

RaceMaster FE was developed specifically for the management and timing of the racing of fast electric model boats. These races are conducted in accordance with the rules of the Model Power Boat Association (MPBA) in the UK or Naviga worldwide.

It records details of the Entrants, Classes to be run, who is entered into which class, transponder details etc.

Any number of races can be set up on any specific date and can be run in any order.

As well as the administration for the meeting, RaceMaster FE provides all the timing and lap counting to a resolution of one millisecond. Two methods are available. Automatically by connecting to a compatible MyLaps decoder or by using manual push buttons (either on the computer keyboard or on a separately available "Button Box"). In fact, both methods can be use simultaneously to cover those occasions when not all entrants have a compatible transponder or the race is being run at a venue which doesn"t have a MyLaps system.

During the race, a real time display of race position is available.

After the race the results are available immediately along with the league positions for the season. These can be printed or output in various formats.

Specification / Features

The goal of the application is to provide the timing and management for model boat races conducted to MPBA / NAVIGA rules.

It records the names (and optionally contact details) of members registered to race. These will be called "Competitors"

It records the classes of races that are conducted. These will be called "Classes"

It records the competitors who have entered for a particular class in that race year. These will be called "Entrants". It also associates a number ("Race Number") which is to be used in the race year which is unique for a particular Competitor in a particular Class. This number will be attached to the boat.

It records the dates and location of each race throughout the year. These will be called "Rounds". There can be up to 7 Rounds in the year.

The format of the races on each day is as follows:-

  • Depending upon how many "Entrants" are available (2 minimum), a decision will be made by the Race Controller as to which classes are to be run that day and in what order.
  • Each Class will have 3 heats during the day.
  • A maximum number of boats (decided by the Race Controller) are allowed to partake in a race. If there are more Entrants than this then the heat will be "Split" into 2 or more. The application treats these "Splits" as one "Heat".
  • When the Race Controller decides to start a race, the race mode of the application is started. The application will indicate the start with a sound or voice announcement.
  • During the race, the time remaining is announced. Announcements are made at each minute, every ten seconds in the last thirty and the last five seconds. It should be noted that the race duration can differ depending upon the class and is user configurable. Also, some classes have a "Mill Time" at the start of the race to allow a rolling start. This is user configurable.
  • At the end of the race, the application allows the entry of any penalties given to an Entrant by the Race Controller. These are Yellow card, Red card and Missed Buoys. When these have been entered the application calculates the results of the race.
  • On demand, the application generates the results for each class and for the year to date. These are printable.


The rules for calculating the results are as follows:-

  • Missed buoys are penalised by deducting 5 seconds for the first buoy missed. Any subsequent missed buoys are penalised by deducting 1 lap.
  • A Yellow Card can be given at the discretion of the Race Controller. This is penalised by the deduction of 1 lap.
  • A Red Card can be given at the discretion of the Race Controller. This is penalised by disqualification from that heat. It will result in 0 laps being given.
  • A Jump Start is allocated if in a Class which has a Mill Time, the Class Entrant crosses the start line before the start of the race. If the MyLaps transponder system is used, this will be done automatically.
  • At the end of a race a Class Entrant is allowed to complete the lap they are on. The time from the end of the race to the final line crossing is called "Seconds Over" and will contribute to the final result.
  • The race order is in descending order of the number of laps completed in the race time. If there are Entrants with the same number of laps, the Seconds Over will be used to prioritise them (smaller the better). Any laps or time penalties are taken into account before calculating the race order. If there happens to be a draw (same laps and Seconds Over) then it is a user selectable option as to whether they will be given the same placing or not. If draws are not to be allowed, the Entrant who had the better result in heat 1 is to be preferred.
  • Points are allocated to the Entrants according to their placing. The application allows the end user to decide upon what points are allocated. By default, the points are allocated as follows (placing>points) - 1>9, 2>6, 3>4, 4>2 others 1. Only the best two of the three heats are used in the calculation.
  • The League position is calculated by the application. Only points are considered. As a user selectable option, the number of rounds to be used in the final result can be entered. This can be 4 or 5 rounds.
  • If an Entrant is disqualified in a heat. They will receive 0 laps for that heat. If they are disqualified in all 3 heats, they will receive 0 POINTS irrespective of their race position.
  • If an Entrant completes 0 laps in total over the 3 heats, there is a user selectable option to decide how many points to give. The choices are:-
    • Points allocated according to their placing.
    • 1 point
    • 0 points


Timing inputs

The application will allow for two alternative methods of lap counting / timing. Please note that in order to allow for the situation where not all Competitors have a transponder, both systems can be used simultaneously.

Transponder system

The primary method is by taking the output of a proprietary race timing decoder made by a company called MyLaps (was AMB).

The MyLaps decoder detects the passing of a boat by the detection of a transponder in the Competitors boat. Each transponder outputs a unique code. The application maintains a list of these codes and their association with a Competitor. Multiple codes can be associated with the same Competitor.

The decoder sends and receives messages via TCP/IP. The format of the messages is proprietary to MyLaps and is called P3.

At each detection of a transponder, a P3 message is sent which (amongst other things) is the transponder number and the time of the detection. This time is to the nearest millisecond.

Because the transponder detection is automatic, the first detection will be when the Entrants boat passes the start/finish line. For classes that have a mill time, this is used to detect a jump start but is ignored in the calculation of laps completed.

Manual button system

Because the MyLaps transponder system requires a wire loop to be deployed over the start / finish line, it may not always be possible to use it. In this case the application can use the more traditional approach of manual button pushing.

In this mode, a numeric key on the keypad is assigned to each boat. The allocation is based on the ascending order of the boat numbers in that specific race. Key 1 is the smallest boat number, key 2 the next etc. Key 0 is used to Start/Pause the race. Note that a custom designed external "Button Box" is available separately.

The appropriate key is pressed at the completion (NB. Not at the start) of each lap INCLUDING the last crossing which may be after the race has finished but before the end of the Overrun Time.

How can it be purchased?

We do not currently have an online payment system, so the current payment methods are PayPal or Bank Transfer

The price is 450 (pounds sterling).
If you wish to place an order, please contact for payment details.


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