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eLimView Display Module

designed specifically for R/C boat racing


eLimView Display Module


What does it do?

The eLimView is the ideal companion to the eLim energy limiter. This tiny display module opens a window into the eLim allowing the racer to see the energy consumed during the race or test session thus turning the eLim into an energy meter.

In addition, the eLimView shows the instantaneous voltage and current being measured by the eLim providing a high accuracy voltmeter and ammeter.

This ability was previously only available to owners of the eLim Programmer. This part of the programmers functionality is now available at lower cost to bring it within reach of all racers.

Being able to monitor the energy used brings to the racer the ability to fine tune your boats performance.
Find your most efficient prop or motor.
See if you had enough energy left at the end of the race to prop up.


If you wish to read more about the design philosophy and features of the eLim, click here.

How can it be purchased?

We do not currently have an online payment system, so the current payment methods are PayPal or Bank Transfer

The price is £35 (pounds sterling).
If you wish to place an order, please contact for payment details.


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