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eLim Programmer

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eLim Programmer


The eLim Programmer is a device to allow the calibration and configuration of the mlm Solutions eLim energy limiter.

This programmer communicates with the eLim via a simple three wire cable using a proprietary protocol.

It is not necessary for everyone to purchase the eLim programmer as it is already configured for most people to use it as shipped.

Normally, the race organisers will have a programmer, as it is they who will set the rules for how the eLim is configured and it is they who will programme all competitors eLim's before the race in order to set consistent standards. They may also chose to calibrate the eLim's by means of the programmer.


The programmer allows the following values to be set:-

  • Energy Level 1 (0 - 65535 WattMinutes)
  • Energy Level 2 (0 - 65535 WattMinutes)
  • Energy Level 3 (0 - 65535 WattMinutes)
  • Energy Level 4 (0 - 65535 WattMinutes)
  • Ramp Down Time (0-9 secs)
  • Minimum Throttle (0-99%)
  • Limit Time (0-999 secs)


Whilst the eLim is very accurate, it is not a laboratory instrument, and even they need calibrating periodically. In order not to require users to return the eLim's for calibration, the programmer can be used to do this.

Race organisers can chose to calibrate all eLim's before the race in order to ensure that all limiters are matched.


As the programmer can be purchased by anyone, the race organisers need to be assured that when they have configured and/or calibrated the limiters, that these setting are not changed by another programmer. This is achieved in two ways.

Firstly, the communications protocol between the two devices is proprietory and encoded.

Second, the programmer has a security code which can be set by the race organisers. This code is remembered by the eLim whenever it is reconfigured. If another programmer changes any parameter, this code will be different and will be immediately apparent when reconnected to the race organisers programmer.

How can it be purchased?

We do not currently have an online payment system, so the current payment methods are PayPal or Bank Transfer

The price is 150 (pounds sterling).
If you wish to place an order, please contact for payment details.

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