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eLim Energy Limiter

designed specifically for R/C boat racing


eLim Energy Limiter


What does it do?

The eLim energy limiter is an electronic device which is used in R/C models to provide a calibrated amount of energy from a battery power source.

Why is it needed?

The quest for ever greater performance leads to competitors pushing the battery packs to their limits by charging to maximum voltage and discharging to or below their minimum voltage.

The result is that the life of packs can be short and the cost of racing has become a concern.

Also, despite what it may say on the label, not all batteries deliver their rated capacity and if they do, they don't do it for long. This means that not all racers are competing with the same amount of energy.

How does the eLim help?

The eLim is connected to a larger more robust battery but only allows a pre-determined amount of energy to be used. Because the battery is not fully discharged, it will now last much longer and they will now deliver exactly the same amount of energy each time to all competitors.

How does it do this?

The eLim constantly monitors the instantaneous voltage and current so that the power (watts) can be calculated. This power when logged over time is deducted from a pre-programmed amount of energy. When the limit is reached, the throttle demand to the ESC is reduced to a configurable value (can be zero) over a configurable period.

throttle profile


Is the model now dead?

If the "Minimum Throttle" setting is zero then yes. It will re-enable in a configurable time so that it can be recovered.

Will it work with any radio gear?

If the receiver outputs the standard 1-2mS PWM signal then yes. The eLim automatically senses the pulse width at zero throttle and so will adjust to any gear, even pistol grip transmitters.

How can it be programmed?

The eLim can be calibrated and configured with an associated programming device which is obtained from mlm Solutions.

The voltage and current can be calibrated independently. The four energy levels, "Ramp Down" time, "Minimum Throttle" percentage and "Limit Time" can be configured.

Without the programmer, only 1 of 4 pre-programmed energy levels can be selected by means of the energy level selector button (supplied).


Default Configuration
Energy Level 1(WattMins) 1200
Energy Level 2(WattMins) 3480
Energy Level 3(WattMins) 6960
Energy Level 4(WattMins) 10440
Ramp Down(secs) 5
Minimum Throttle(%) 0
Limit Time(secs) 60


Max input voltage 60V
Max current (continuous) 100A
Max current (peak) 160A
Voltage resolution 4mV
Current resolution 20mA
Size 28x29x10mm
Weight (14AWG) 13gm
Weigth (10AWG) 22gm


User can select 1 of 4 pre-programmed energy levels.

LED indicates the energy level selected and if the energy level is used.

With a separately available programming device, the following can be done:-

Calibrate the voltage and current.

Configure -
The four energy levels.
Ramp down time from max to min throttle.
Min percentage throttle when limited.
Limit period before re-enable.

If you wish to read more about the design philosophy and features of the eLim, click here.

How can it be purchased?

We do not currently have an online payment system, so the current payment methods are PayPal or Bank Transfer

The price is 75 (pounds sterling).
If you wish to place an order, please contact for payment details.


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