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Cove(Crown Moulding) Mitre Calculator


This cove mitre calculator will work out the mitre and bevel angles to create perfect corners.

There are a number of ways of cutting the mitres in coving.

If you have access to a jig which holds the cove at its correct spring angle, then all that you need to do is to make a vertical cut at a mitre angle of half the room corner angle. The calculator is not required for this option.

Without a jig, and assuming that you are using the type of cove that has a flat back (also called Crown Moulding in America) there is another technique.

You will though require a mitre saw that can adjust the bevel angle (the angle of the blade from vertical when looked at from the front) as well as the mitre angle(the angle of the blade when looked at from above).

Set the saw mitre angle and the bevel angle as per the calculator below.
Lay the Cove flat on its back on the saw table.
Make the cut.

The maths to work out the mitre and bevel angle is rather complex and so the calculator below will help.

Cove Mitre Calculator
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