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Antique Restoration

Restorers of antique woodwork

mlm Antiques specialise in the restoration of all types of antique woodwork. Many problems can beset wood over time and a wide range of skills are required to bring them back to their former glory.

Veneering - Over time, veneers can bubble, be scratched or flaked off. These can often be invisibly restored. Patching, stringing replacement or complete replacement in extreme cases can be undertaken.
Polishing - We take great care in selecting the right polishes. Traditional methods such as French Polishing or Wax Polishing are used to return the surface to its original patina. The goal at all times is to match, as closely as possible, the original finish.
Remaking - Wherever possible, the original material will be used but it sometimes necessary to replace and remake. If this is the case then the replacement material will be chosen to match the original as closely as possible.


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